Nepotism and Corruption

Nepotisma and corruption

Nepotisma and corruptionNepotism:- is based on favoritism granted to relatives in various fields including business, politics, entertainment, sport, religion, and other activities.

Corruption:- is a form of dishonesty or criminal offense undertaken by a person or organization entrusted with a position of authority to acquire illicit benefit or abuse of power for one’s private gain.

Both corruption and nepotism are sins for a society Nepotism and corruption in public service are considered as unethical and morally wrong.
Since childhood, we and our parents always talk and direct us that ” Everything is achieved able through hard work”. These words are relevant for everyone who want to do something.
But, what happened if someone occupies your place, despite that you are working hard. Yes, I am talking about Nepotism as well as corruption. Recently, a very true incident happened Actor Sushant Singh Rajput became a victim in the hand of Nepotism. And it is well documented that Nepotism and corruption are present everywhere like in administration, politics, Bollywood, etc.
Noteworthy, both the event takes place simultaneously in our daily life and both are unethical and morally wrong because it demotivates the people who are working hard day and night, it also tampered the real efficient talent, etc. It is well documented in the over the society that a politician’s son will become a politician only.
Recently, a movie was in the theater name “Super 30” in which they talked about that the King’s Son will become king, but who deserves that throne one’s will become king.

Impacts of Nepotism and Corruption on Society:-

  • Talented Persons are suppressed in society.
  • Rich and famous persons dominated over poor people.
  • Human Development decrease as the main focus increase on only money.
  • Lack of accountability and transparency in administration.
  • Erodes the ethical value such as Honesty, Empathy, Sincerity.
  • Generation of black money.
  • General People feel that they are being governed by one particular family Example Congress Party (Gandhi family).
  • Increase Tension between peoples and suppress people’s talent violation of the Right of People’s. Also, violation of the Constitution increases criminal activities.

Step Forward or Development:-

  • Need for major reform.
  • Provide transparent data.
  • Judiciary also focuses on this type of case.
  • Make strict rules and regulations.
  • Focus on the education system which plays a guest role to reduce nepotism and corruption.
  • Equal opportunity according to their talent not on the recommendation.
  • Public servants also need to understand their responsibilities towards their nation and need to change their mindsets.


Nepotism and Corruption is the two side of the same card but should be reduced to some extent because it clearly cannot be eradicated. A good society always welcomes talented, hardworking personalities, not favoritism. Nepotism and Corruption in any democratic country hinder the overall development of the nation.