India must strengthen its response capabilites for a never ending cycle of storms along its coastline.

cyclone that cause destruction

cyclone that cause destructionA cyclonic storm is mainly a low-pressure center, formed in the tropical ocean to pressure difference. The storms are much frequent on the eastern coast of India there on the western coast.

A recent devastating cyclone Amphan has hit the West Bengal and Orissa coast caused the death of 72 people and destruction of about 5000 houses, road, and public places. An increase in cyclonic activity has lead to an increase in the loss of the state and country. Normally life is paralyzed for millions in Kolkata and in the rural areas of both the state as this state is already fighting with COVID-19 and know the new problem, has occurred on the people of this state now the people have to save from cyclonic with social distance as if they did not follow the guideline of COVID 19 they there is a chance of spread of COVID -19 cases in the state.
The cyclonic storm is not new to India some of the recent cyclones are Fani, Vayu, titali, and many more that have badly hit the coastal area of India. India must strengthen its coastal area and take up the response capabilities for a never-ending cycle of storms along its coastline.

The need for the hours Is:-

Short Term:-

  • Evacuation of the people to the safer place.
  • Arranging for backup power like monitoring the situation.
  • Helping people by providing assistant.
  • Providing financial help for the reconstruction of the house, shop, etc.
  • Giving farmers additional help for the loss they have occurs due to cyclone.
  • Providing for at least proper water, food, and medical supplies to the people who have been affected by the cyclone.

Long Term:-

  • Designating Strong building as cyclone shelters.
  • Employing an active and trained Disaster Response team at every coastal distress for a timely response.
  • Construction activity should be conducted beneath 100 m from the coastline in order to have less destruction.
  • Mushrooming Afforestation along the coastal line and plant more trees near the city or district.
  • Developing a modern sewage system which can help water to flow out of the city.
This Super Cyclone further will come more frequently as there is an increase in global warming so it is need of the hours is that we should learn from our past mistakes and with the help of the technology get less damage and loss of life of people.




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