India and Australia share general good relation, both countries bound by the same ethos of democracy and pluralism

India and Austrilia

India and Austrilia Australia- India relations are the foreign relations between the Commonwealth of Australia and the Republic of India. Before Independence, Australia and India were both parts of the British Empire. Both are members of commonwealth nations. They also share Political, economic security, lingual, and sporting issues.
Recently India-Australia bilateral relationship reached a historic moment. And India-
Australia has shared a cordial relation with each other for a very long time and has witnessed an increased commitment in recent past and multiple engagements in fields such as bilateral trade, strategic relations, student exchange programs.


1. Economic Ties:-

In the year 2015-2016, the total trade was $19.4 billion, a significant increase over the proceeding years.  Australia export coal, gold, etc. and India exports medicines and business services to Australia.

2. Military Relations:-
Every two years, Australia and India conducted a joint naval exercise in Indian oceans called AUSINDEX. After independence, Australia offered military aid to India in 1963 in response to the Sino-India war.

3. Partnership In Sports:-
India and Australia launched a sports partnership in Mumbai aimed at increasing co-operation in sports. It will enhance India-Australia co-operation in four areas- athlete and coach training, sport science, sport science, sports governance, grassroots participation.

4. Energy Engagement:-
Australia-India Energy Dialogue is the primary forum to discuss bilateral engagement on energy and resources. There are 4 working groups wing established to support this dialogue.

    • Oil and Gas
    • Coal and mines.
    • Power and Energy Efficiency
    • Renewable Energy and Smart Grids
    • Education Sectors.

5.  Democracies Similarity:-
Both nations are strong vibrant, secular, and multi-cultural democracies. They both have a free press and an important judicial system.
India and Australia both are the parts of some international organizations like
1.Wealth health organization
2. World Trade organization
3. G-20
4. Quad Group
5. United Nation.