How the border dispute with china is posing a major test to India china bilateral relations.

India and china bilateral relations

India and china bilateral relations

India shares 2nd largest share of the border with China and the dispute between India and China over the border is not new like a dispute over Pangong Tso lake, Gallawan valley, chumbi valley, and dokalam Sector, etc.
Recently, the scramble between India and china got heated due to the construction of the road on the Daulet Beg Oldi post near the china Border.

Border dispute’s impact on bilateral relation:-

1. Environmental:-
Deadly impact on the environment convention to tackle global warming, enhancement of forest reserve, etc. end violation of the norms of Paris climate agreement.
2. Economic:-
As China is a manufacturing hub, he can infuse huge ‘Foreign direct investment’ in India to boost infrastructure and ‘ Made in India program’ And important on global organizations working like WTO, BRICS, etc.
3. Health:-
In the field of Traditional medicine and ways to enhance mutual understanding of each other’s ancient treatment system and during this Covid-19 pandemic medical cooperation between both.
4. Cultural:-
The spread of common cultural or religious faith i.e. Buddhism across the outskirt on large scale by the ancient polts like Faxian etc.
5. Trade:-
Bilateral trade between both the nation accounts for $89.6 billion in 2017-2018 and India had a trade deficit of $53 billion with China.

This is not only border disputed issue, but in the past, there have been many incidents about border dispute also happen in the past.
In The Late 1950, the line kept moving westward which lead to the 1962 war.
In 2002, china showed a claim line in the western sector.
IN 2017 Doklam Stand-Off.
But, it showed the relation between India and China not only this issue but their ins many improvements also with annual difference dialogues and joint training.
Definitely, boundary issues are a major concern for any country but India and China also take care of their bilateral relations as both the country are very much depend upon each other as one is the largest import and the other is the largest exporter so they make their issue solve by peace talks.

Way Forward

India-china relations have so many ups and downs and so many times they have to standoff on the border dispute, and many more situation where they did not agree with India and India is not agree with china the various issue are:-

  • Pakistan issue china always supports Pakistan where the world knows Pakistan is the hub of terrorist and Pakistan support terrorism all over the world.
  • On Removal of Article 370 issue.
  • On the Nepal border issue.
  • One and one belt road project by Pakistan occupied area and many more issues.

But at the same time so, many improvements also happen in
MAMALLAPURAM: Chinese President Xi Jinping arrived in Chennai to a grand welcome on Friday, a visit that comes soon after the recent episode of turbulence in bilateral ties over India’s decision to withdraw Jammu and Kashmir’s special status and reorganize the state into two union territories and informal summit, at Wuhan summit.
So, India and China both have to take care of their bilateral relations whenever they have an issue like that because bilateral relations played a  major role in any countries relations.