“Education For All”

According to Albert Einstein, there is no such thing as cold, darkness, or evil existing in the world. These are just words created by humans to describe the feeling which they have in the absence of heat, what they observe in the absence of light and what happens in the absence of God, respectively.
Similarly, there is nothing like an uneducated person, it is just a word created to describe the absence of education.
Well, in India this definition is facing various challenges. It isn’t being treated as something essential but as a business.
Where does the primary education get lost?

Poverty is one of the main reasons that children are unable to get primary education. Due to the low income of their family, they prefer to give a hand to support them, and their childhood is wasted in child labor. At the age, where they are supposed to study go to schools, explore their talents and dream about being scientists, astronauts, police, etc. they work in factories in harmful conditions and many hazardous places. The innocence of childhood is a loss. Not being properly educated they are being exploited.

Unaffordable Education

 Those who have enough signs to realize the importance of educating their kids, lose at its affordability. The parents prefer private schools for their children but their fees are even difficult to handle for a middle-class family, so have a poor, daily wage worker will be offered it?

Social Challenges
There is an old saying ” A long’s son alone can become king”. This reflects the thinking of the society according to which only the rich’s kid can have access to education and become successful but the kids of the servants working for the same family are expected to be servants after their dad. If anyone tries to break this tradition, they are challenged by the society tradition, they are challenged by society.

Quality of Education

In Indian education systems, more importance is given to role and less to understanding. Students are trained to score full marks which aren’t harmful but no attention is given to their developing of thinking, experimenting, creativity, use of knowledge in real life. It’s a blindfolded race, where students are unknown why are they cramming, what’s the use of this knowledge went he doesn’t even understand the true aspect of it.

Given, this scenario, India’s higher education sector will continue to play a critical role in driving the nation’s talent competitiveness. There is ed for a broader education ecosystem; on that goes beyond the University and includes industry, govt, global partnership, regulatory agencies, and think tanks.

Striking a balance between learning and job seeker. Most importantly working on the nd level. so that everyone can study because

            Education is everyone’s right.