Can Online learning replace the school Classroom

Online and classroom image

Online and classroom imageOur country facing the Covid-19 pandemic and that situation country in a lockdown situation. The Covid-19 outbreaks have disrupted the academic year, canceled classes and examinations across the country.

Pandemic has turned the world upside down and has changed the world order right form trade to education and forcing it to turn towards online platforms. As education remains one of the fundamental rights and duties, not just for India but also for nations worldwide, amid pandemic to avoid disruption in academic’s various countries have started the education online.

In the Situation, all educational institutions are fully closed. To ensure that students do not miss out on their studies. Schools moved classes online forcing the student to attend lectures, via their gadgets. But this online learning is debatable because up has increased screen time. That’s the reason why Maharashtra has banned online classes from pre-primary to class 2, whereas Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh have extended the ban till class 5. These all situation emerging question that online education is good or not and our country affordability challenges.

E-learning has Benefited in various dimensions:-

  • Education can be accessed, sitting at homes in student’s own comfortable timing.
  • Low cost of education.
  • Online classes save time for traveling.
  • The efficiency of time management increases.
  • Students can adjust one’s schedule according to family obligations and limitations.
  • Increase global learning and do it yourself strategy useful.
  • Improve technical skills.
  • Teach about Self-discipline.

Contrary to all the above benefits, there are certain disadvantages also-:

  • E-learning posses challenge to teachers, students, and their parents over technology and access, that is why the effectiveness of the teacher cannot be analyzed, and also not every student is joining the virtual classes.
  • All of the students do not have laptops or tablets or computers.
  • Parents also use computers and laptops for their work from home so children do not get a chance to use it.
  • Children misuse online platforms as they create nonsense on  Online platform.
  • Availability of electricity and proper internet connection at home.
  • Most of the subjects like yoga, sports, laboratory classes of biology, chemistry and physics as well as institutional subjects like Management, Electronics lab, mechanic workshop, and civil engineering labs, etc. need practical learning so it is difficult to teach them from a distance.
  • In remote areas, there are problems with connectivity and the availability of proper gadgets. Such as- laptops, android phones, computers, and wifi, etc.
  • Lack of concentration due to many choices over there and it also reduces the scope for self-study.

Solution for Online and classroom education:-
There is a need to reform the existing educational strategies during the crisis to provide access to education to all in such a way:-

  • Inclusive learning solutions, especially for most vulnerable and marginalized sections, need to be developed.
  • The need to enhance the internet speed in every village or district of the country.
  • The price of Internet access should be low that every section of the person can have the right to access the internet.
  • Online learning should only be used for a limited period of time so as it doesn’t put an effect on student vision.
  • Special emphasis needs to be given on primary education as it is the foundation or base of the education.

Both Virtual learning and classroom learning have their own importance. In this time of the pandemic, virtual learning is more important so that the education of children is not hindered. But if we see as an alternative of classroom studies it would hamper its significance.